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Blue World Theme Park

The blue world is a fantastic place in Kanpur to enjoying with family or friends.
Park has a few CCTV observation and lifeguards close to all rides. Legitimate medical aid and emergency vehicle office are set inside the recreation center. It is likewise furnished with fire extinguishers at a few spots. Guests are educated to wear better than average clothing. They are not permitted to take make a dive on pools.
The blue world park goes for keeping up global guidelines in that capacity guests are required to facilitate with the specialists to keep the recreation center sheltered and agreeable. The experts take a day by day wellbeing check for every one of the rides and have set bouncers with 2-path radio all through the recreation center.
Being an exciting blue world water park, the visitors are approached to adhere to security directions like wearing lifeguards and keep away from any casualties. Kids should be always with adults.
blue world located in mandhana Kanpur. This is also a good picnic and party spots in Kanpur.


  • Theme & Water Park
  • Rides
  • Flying Carousal
  • Fairyland & European theme
  • Chinese & Jungle theme
  • Musical Fountain show

More Details

Blue World Kanpur Ticket Price (Mon-Fri):
Packages Adults Children
Full park Rs 650 Rs 350
Fairy land water world Rs 500 Rs 250
Amusement park Rs 500 Rs 250
Blue World Kanpur Ticket Price (Saturday and Sunday):
Packages Adults Children
Full park Rs 750 Rs 400
Fairy land water world Rs 600 Rs 300
Amusement park Rs 600 Rs 300
Costume and Locker Price:
Price List Rent Refundable security Total
Costume Rs 70 Rs 130 Rs 200
Locker Rs 50 Rs 100 Rs 150
Latest price may vary.
Note 1: In Blue World Kanpur Children below 90cm of height entry fees is free.
Note 2: You can buy new towels at @ Rs 100.
New Dino Park
blue world dark city

A Dinosaur theme park which reflect the Jurassic Period. Park has many life sized dinosaur. It is a replica of the warm blooded creatures in a single picture. By visiting this place you will experience the presence of the humongous creatures and there is no age or height bar for the visitors. This is the most enlightened space of the park, full of wild species.


Latest Upcoming in Blue World
blue world dark city
The Dark City

Dark World is the most dangerous place in the Blue World theme park. that will give you much more horror experience than ever before. It's like a very scary dream. if you have the heart of a lion than keep ready yourself. you can experience a big fear of life.

blue world jungle safari
Jungle Safari

A theme park of Dinosaur that will take you back in Jurassic time. Inside the Jungle Safari, you can see many sizes of the dinosaur. when you visit here, you can feel the presence of humongous creatures.
Jungle Safari will become a prime attraction for visitors.

blue world mall

Mall as the name, it is not a shopping mall. It would be a Fun Zone and Game Zone.
It would be also a Haunted House.
But it is safe and secure for all of the visitors. Here you can enjoy the latest and best equipment for Entertainment.

blue world Bharat Darshan
Bharat Darshan

Bharat Darshan here you can see whole India at a single glance. The Bharat Darshan will show you all the cultural place of India in a single place.
In the blue world theme park, you can enjoy your visit from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

More About Kids Zone

Flying Chopper

This ride is for kids, In this ride, kids sit on the mounted log. The ride takes one turning and persistently changing the edge of its rotate.

Jingle Bells

The modest viny brilliant toy train is a specialist in won the heart of little children. It takes them in the world of happiness with spinning around the circle. It is planned and manufactured remembering the care for children. It is a fun ride.

Quack Quack Ride

The two-seater duck ride is pleasant for children. This duck ride is perfect for 3-8 years age kids. They enjoy it with full of happiness. Kids love this ride.

Umbrella Ride

Umbrella Ride takes children from the ground to higher upside in the sky. When it coming down from upside the sky, that looks like a complete thrill.

Toon Tango

Sun and moon ride goes around the circle and rotating itself. So make a point not to miss the enjoyment of this astounding ride.

Hopping Frog

This ride is particularly intended for babies. There are containers that really take after like frogs. At the point when the-carousel and the bouncing frog jumps tenderly into the air, it makes little kids accept as though they are riding a genuine frog.

Cup Saucer

This is a really fun ride for younger. In this ride, you sit in Cup & Saucer.

Merry Go Round

This ride is considered as evergreen for children. It takes children running around circles. It is a major attraction with children aged 5-10 years old. this is a moderate ride, while it's okay for kids.

More About Thrill Rides

Twin Flip360

Twin flip Italian ride in the Blue World theme park. That will make you feel more thrilling. If you can challenge to speed, come for it, now show you the world in the 360 ??flips.

Chair Lift

Blue World has introduced India's first track chair lift in this Blue World Theme Park. People enjoy a full length of about 1,000 running feet lift and its the normal range of ground level is around 40 to 60 feet. Similarly, It is the longest chair lift framework that uses safely in Kanpur. By Blue World Corporation All used development materials follow the global model so it is fully safe.


Skydrive as the name suggest you drive in the sky. This is an action where you sit on chairs that jumping from the over the sky to ground.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster A major energizing exciting ride is intended for the entire family and particularly for youths who are searching for the thrill. The ride in the club gives fervor, pleasure, and freshness.

Striking Car

Two people sit on a car that is moved in around like clock needles. The speed of the car is too high, you can enjoy as a high-speed car driving as a real car.

Blue Typhoon

Many people sit on a swing, that is known as Blue Typhoon that is famous as the name of Tsunami ride for a twist, turns, blast and splash. you can feel in the swing your old village rope swing with rain.

360° Virtual Tour

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Blue World Theme Park Directions and Map

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